We provide energy traders, generators and grid operators with the most accurate weather data to optimize processes and operate efficiently

Reliable and highly accurate weather information are imperative for day-to-day operations across the energy sector. Precise knowledge of the short-, medium- and long-term course of weather conditions is a decisive competitive advantage and knowledge edge in energy trading and risk management.

Weather Solutions provides weather services for the entire life cycle of on- and offshore wind and solar projects and delivers reliable weather data affecting the energy production processes.

Our forecasts and data contribute towards:

  • reduced imbalance charges and penalties
  • increasing revenue on both wind/solar park and portfolio level
  • ensuring supply security and maintenance of grid stability at any time
  • competitive advantage in real time and day-ahead energy market trading
  • improved worker safety

Power production forecasts

Wind & solar. Intraday, day-ahead, up to 15 days ahead. Up to 15-mins resolution. Asset, regional, country and portfolio level. 

Wind forecasts

Hub-height winds. From 60 to 200 meters. Up to 15 days ahead at 15 mins resolution. Highly accurate local data.

Solar forecasts

Solar irradiance. Up to 15 days ahead at 15 mins resolution. Real-time radar and satellite data integrated. Location-specific.

O&M forecasts

Up to 15 days ahead. Low winds, thunderstorms and severe weather alerts. Dashboard visualization and data provision.

City weather for demand forecasts

Temperature, air pressure, global radiation and other parameters. At your key locations – for any place worldwide.

24/7 Technical Support

Any questions, doubts or technical hiccups? Our technology department is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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