We provide highly accurate weather analysis, now-casting and forecasting for Radio, Television and the Internet.

Be it rain, heat or snow – weather always makes the news. Well-prepared weather information enjoys great popularity on television, radio, online and mobile apps.

The meteorological team of Weather Solutions has many years of experience in supporting and advising TV/radio stations and online media and provides expert answers to questions like these: 

  • Will summer return? Will we get 30°C again in fall?
  • Will October bring the first big autumn storm?
  • When can we expect the first snowfall?
  • Is it true that there were more frequent white Christmases in the past?
  • When will spring finally arrive?

Weather Solutions also offers meteorological support for a wide range of outdoor events, such as open-air events, sporting events and much more. 

By working with us, event organizers will be informed immediately should there be a need for additional security and safety measures for visitors and on-site staff due to severe weather conditions.  

Data API for broadcasting

Seamless integration of weather data and location forecasts into broadcasting software via our API.

Forecasting services

Provision of text modules for weather moderators via e-mail, written by our highly experienced team.

Expert advice

Statements about the current weather for media outlets, provided by our licensed meteorologists.

Speaker engagements

Interview partners for expert discussions, panels and podcasts.

On-site support

Meteorological consulting directly at your venue, ensuring a smooth and secure event. 

24/7 hotline

Our team of qualified meteorologists is there to answer any of your weather-related questions.

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