Weather Solutions offers special forecasts all around the year for road service and road maintenance, airports, railway services and private winter service providers. 

With our advanced weather data you will be able to prepare your staff and resources for extreme conditions and plan your deployment and your routes accordingly. 

  • Plan your operations according to heat, storm and snow
  • Benefit from ice warnings and forecasts
  • Support your team and comply with occupational health and safety rules
  • Coordinate your standby service in case of storms and slippery conditions
  • Use our route weather forecast to optimize your logistical planning

Surface Forecast

Temperature and condition forecasts, from bridges, roads, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, airplane wings to overhead lines and rails

Route-based forecast

Precise forecast mapping of road conditions, road temperatures and warning levels for 24 hours, along the route

Measurement Instruments

Get the most up-to-date weather data for your local hotspots with our best-in-class weather stations and sensors 

Summer Weather Data

Danger potential for heat, UV exposure, thunderstorms, heavy/continuous rain, storms, green areas (dry/ wet) and leaf fall

Winter Weather Data

Dedicated winter weather forecasts for freezing rain, snowfall, ice, smoothness and slipperiness as well as de-icing recommendations

24/7 Support

 Clarify all your open questions about your local area at our 24/7 hotline with licensed meteorologists on duty

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