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How we work

At Weather Solutions, we are a product-first company with the aim to deliver the most accurate weather data and forecasts in the market.

Interdisciplinary Excellence: Daily Tests and Product Enhancement

Our interdisciplinary R&D team, comprising meteorologists, mathematicians, and software developers, collaborates seamlessly on various projects to optimize how we produce, deliver and interpret data for our customers.

Our licensed and highly experienced meteorologists, integral to our core operations, test our tools on a daily basis. They give the development team regular feedback on what is already working very well and what should be improved or adapted if necessary.

This valuable expert feedback plays a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to enhance and refine our products and services.

Decoding Weather: Our Forecasting Approach

The cutting-edge technology of our forecasting system is built on the foundation of various techniques, such as:

Diverse data sources

We aggregate data from a range of sources including satellite imagery, precipitation radar data, ground-based weather stations, and several global and regional weather models.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Our AI-driven machine learning algorithms continuously analyze vast amounts of weather data, to identify patterns and to improve the accuracy by learning from deviations in recent forecasts.

User-specific forecasts

We are personalizing weather forecasts based on an individual’s location using local historical weather data specific to each location.

Real-time updates

We incorporate real-time updates from weather stations and various other sources to provide up-to-the-minute information on current weather conditions.

Collaboration with meteorologists

In our 24/7 Weather Room, an international team of licensed meteorologists works very closely together to provide valuable insights. This collaboration enriches the depth and reliability of our forecasts, ensuring a balance of technological precision and expert insights.

At Weather Solutions, we’re dedicated to provide the most accurate forecasting out there, setting the standard for reliability and precision with our methodologies.

For more information please visit the METIS Forecasting System website.

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